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Your business is unique, and you need business advising and planning that will make an impact based on those unique needs.

Matthew Roayaee’s past engagements have brought businesses real solutions with real results:

Automotive Repair Shop #1

Matthew identified for this shop’s owner that the local market surrounding their shop was heavily biased towards individuals that were at work, and that turnaround time for repairs would set them apart from their competition. A streamlined process for parts acquisition was put in place, and a focus on completing all repairs on the same business day was implemented in order for customers to be able to drop their vehicle off in the morning and receive it fully repaired by the close of business as they left work. Matthew helped the owner look beyond short-term revenue and implemented staffing protocols that managed each vehicles time in the shop, sometimes pulling multiple technicians to complete one vehicle’s repairs to meet their same-day service goals. The result was a surge in new business as happy customers returned to their offices and referred their co-workers to the shop.

Automotive Repair Shop #2

The owner of this shop was faced with the lingering challenge of attracting new customers, despite countless, expensive marketing campaigns within their local market. Matthew evaluated the shop owner’s local market and discovered multiple body repair shops in the surrounding area. Matthew met with each body shop and found that each body shop in that area was faced with the same challenge. After the body shop had completed their work, the vehicles were forced to wait for long periods of time at the various dealerships to complete the calibration of bumper sensors before the vehicles could be returned to the body shop’s customers. Matthew worked with the repair shop’s owner to acquire the specialized calibration equipment typically owned by only dealerships, and the surrounding body shops quickly began funneling their work to the owner’s shop. Revenue goals were exceeded without the need of new consumers to support the growth.

Business Challenges

Common business challenges Matthew has helped provide solutions for include:

  • Businesses on the brink of bankruptcy
  • Operational inefficiencies
  • Lack of production due to insufficient planning and proactivity
  • Poor organization and presentation, which led to a decrease in interest by employees and customers
  • Documentation was inconsistent and unclear
  • Inadequate procedures set in place, resulting in increased mistakes

Matthew’s Solutions

Matthew has been a pioneer in his approach to solving issues for his clients and in his own business acquisition endeavors. The businesses benefit from Matthew’s ability to identify points of weakness, develop innovative strategies, deliver guided solutions, and ensure the process of implementation is as seamless as possible.

When Matthew purchased his first business, he made it a point to change at least one element of how the business operated each week. He encourages his clients and employees to recognize that while the work produced needs to be exceptional, that is not everything. The balance lies in providing unmatched services while also knowing how to listen to what customers are saying. By being able to listen to customers and their needs, a business is going to be able to be successful.

Some solutions Matthew regularly helps clients implement, as well as what he continually implements in his own businesses include:

  • Flexible group of specialists who work as a team
  • Extensive training to make sure employees are on the same page and have a clear understanding of business vision and values
  • Continual refining and fine-tuning of all processes and procedures to maximize production
  • Proactive strategies set in place to ensure optimal efficiency
  • Clear communication between employees; asking for their feedback to figure out how to best make adjustments

Business Benefits

By bringing in Matthew for consulting advice, clients are able to focus on other more pressing issues and still provide needed services within deadlines. Matthew creates durable, flexible, and maintainable deliverables that bridge the gaps within the businesses. Examples of business benefits as a result of Matthew’s insights include:

  • Increased total revenuen from $380K to $800K.
  • Production output increased from approximately 3 hours of production per day to 10 hours.
  • Revival of several struggling businesses, which resulted in a transition into thriving businesses.
  • Increased cash flow.
  • Improved management systems.
  • Streamlined operations.
  • Happier employees and customers, and therefore, business owners.

Matthew Roayaee’s perspective and professional knowledge has completely transformed the trajectories of many businesses. Managers and business owners are constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency of the business, quickly roll out deliverables, and increase revenue, all while trying to effectively prioritize customer service. Matthew has a keen ability to look at businesses and identify their growth opportunities and areas to improve.


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